Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tooting My Own Horn

Below is an Excerpt taken from my Trainers Website from a couple of weeks ago. I am now passing the 30 pounds lost threshold and focusing on 40. Below Loretta and I's personal accomplishments are comments from many of my fellow test pilots sharing their feelings and successes!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Test Pilot Updates
NOTE: The criteria I used to select the monthly Test Pilot "stand outs" had very little to do with their weight loss. Rather it was a culmination of their effort, consistency in their workouts, consistency in completing and submitting their weekly logs, display of the No Excuses mindset, any extra effort (Loretta created one of the spreadsheet logs many of the Test Pilots are using and both Loretta and Matt have posted Project Blogs, and much more), and finally I took into account any progress the Test Pilots have made.From the get go, I have attempted to make it abundantly clear that Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap is about health, fitness, and well-being. While fat loss may be a participants goal or intention, the Project is NOT just about weight loss, it is about embracing a healthful lifestyle.Thanks You,Chris

**************************************************Hello All,I've been promising to share some progress reports from the "Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap" Test Pilots. The quotes below and the picture of Loretta and Matt relate to their first 4 weeks of the Project. Currently, we are getting ready to begin Week 8. Keep it up gang, you are rocking!At the end of each month, I am recognizing two Test Pilots who have truly stood out among an already amazing crew. For "Month 1" I selected Loretta (on the left, duh!), and Matt (on the right, duh!).I snapped the below picture at a recent Project meeting (Saturday's at Au Bon Pain, after yoga class). Loretta is holding a 15lb dumbbell which represents the amount of weight she was closing in on at the time (she has since achieved the 15lb mark!) and Matt is holding a 20 pounder which demonstrates the amount of weight he had lost at that point. Actually, he had lost just over 20 in the picture and as of yesterday he was just shy of dropping 30 pounds in the first 7 weeks of his Project!

Both are holding a signed copy of Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" that I passed on to them. The books were donated by Test Pilot Shawna.Congratulations to Loretta and Matt below are just a few comments that I received from some of the Test Pilots at the end of "Month 1":

“I feel great, my Chiropractor says I feel much more relaxed. I feel more emotionally relaxed, my Energy is good, It is easier to fall asleep. I have lost 20 pounds and 3.5% on Body Fat. Went from a 52 Suit to a 48. Wife says I look more toned. Moved two notches in on my belt and my “Dunlap” has shrunk significantly.” – Matt

“-12 lbs, cloths are looser, it is progress to me that I am even working out 6 days a week and don’t even dread it, this has definitely given me a boost of confidence that I really need to stick with me, I am more mindful of everything I put in my mouth and do with/to my body.” – Loretta. Not only did Loretta drop 12 pounds in 4 weeks, she also lowered her blood pressure by 18%!

“I think the most important ‘accomplishment’ I feel to date is that I have some how ‘shifted’ my perceptions about my need for food. I am not missing the desserts or sweet stuff at all. It feels good to be in control of what I am eating.” –Alison

“I definitely have more energy and just feel overall “perkier”. I feel like my digestion has improved…I rarely feel bloated or have a stomach ache anymore. I’ve lost a little weight and toned up a lot. I definitely think my aerobic fitness and strength have improved. Overall this project is just a small affirmation that we’re always stronger than we think we are and if you are really determined to make changes in your life, you probably can.” - Carrie

“My Cholesterol is down to 186 from 195.” -- Jeanie

“My body has definitely changed. I have greater muscle tone and I have lost fat in places that I find very noticeable. I walk and carry myself with more confidence as I find myself becoming an athlete once again…” – Corbin

“People at work are telling me I look ‘hot’ and my legs are ‘sexy’ and other great comments. I can see a difference in my shoulders—they are not as round/padded as they used to be—I have always wanted more square shoulders, and now I’m getting them! I can see a waistline forming so I don’t look like I have no waist. My pants are loose—soon to be too big—and I look better in my dressy outfits. Even my cheekbones are looking more prominent. I am able to crank the treadmill up to 5 and not fall off or feel like I’m dying! My weight load is increasing—my weed whacker did not give me a back ache like it usually does—so my back is obviously getting stronger. I can feel my muscles getting firmer and my fat dissolving. It is all very motivating—I finally feel like I am taking care of myself in the most important way I need to. And...drumroll…my husband is now counting calories and going to the gym regularly—not just for the hot tub! -- Cori

“I’m pleased with my mindfulness about eating, not eating, or making better choices. It’s very hard but it’s good for me to be conscious about my food/beverage in-take.” -- Joyce

“The most noticeable thing so far has been the way I feel physically. I no longer feel constantly bloated and my clothes fit me MUCH better. I have lost about 8 pounds in 4 weeks and I’m not quite sure how much body fat, but I know there has been a loss, even if it’s a small amount. I’ve never been a person who was worried about how much I weighed and I didn’t begin this Project thinking I need to loss 10 lbs, etc. For me, it’s about I feel physically and how my clothes fit. So in that respect, I’m definitely making noticeable progress. In appearance, I’ve noticed less flab in the mid-section, I’m starting to see my waist again! My arms and legs also have less flab on them and are slimming down… My strength and endurance has also improved. I can now do almost 10 modified push ups, compared to the 2 I did at the initial testing! My cardio exercises have gotten easier, my breath is not so labored and I enjoy the workouts a lot more now.” -- Kari

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