Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Turkey Trot a Success!

Margaret, Me, Aunt Sarah & Uncle Harold at the Vastwood Park Marker

Well, I think with such short notice, the 1st Annual Fallin Family Turkey Trot was a Huge Success. The Picture above is of the Running Crew (Shame on Me for not getting pictures of the two other walking crews). I just sent out the invite early in the week and we had a strong response! My Uncle Mike and Aunt Cindy who always host the Turkey Day Dinner could not be there at 9:00 AM because they had to start cooking Turkeys, so they went out a 7:30 AM and walked 3 or 4 laps around the lake. At 9:00 AM, my Dad, my Aunt Rita, my cousins Fallin, Grace & Daymond made up the walking Crew. They did awesome!
The Running and Fitness Station crew was made up of Me & Margaret and My Aunt Sarah and Uncle Harold (they have been the shining examples of Wellness in my family for years).
Aunt Sarah & Uncle Harold (That is Love, cause I am sure Sarah wasn't, but Harold was four miles of FUNKY!)

Sarah and Harold have run Marathons and the like in the past, however as I went to them for support in my wellness journey they looked to me for ideas as well. Diet Tips, Yoga info, creative ways to strength train. I guess that just goes to show if you are always learning, you will stay with for ever!

Margaret & Sarah off and Running

We were not the only Crazies out on Thanksgiving Day. Here are a couple of the people we saw out!

I plan on doing this again Next year, it was a BLAST! What a great way to get your metabolism moving! Sarah also had the GREAT idea to infuse Healthy Food into our tradition. A few of us brought some extra healthy dishes along with our traditional favorites! We are hoping that as the years go by, they will become some of the traditional favorites! Margaret has already established the 100 Calorie Tiramisu as a family MUST. I added a Broccoli and Cauliflower Au Gratin made with Gruyere cheese and some Roasted Diced Potatoes that were both low Calorie.

Back to the Turkey Trot! For the running group we started with the wooded hilly part of the Off Road Trail, my idea and maybe not the best idea. It got Margaret's Asthma going, but those of you who know Margaret know that a little thing like breathing was NO EXCUSE to quit. She worked through it! After we completed that full lap(about 1.5 miles with the wooded extension) we then did the lake lap with the 20 or so fitness stations (about 1.3 Miles).

Harold at the Fitness Trail Starter

Me at the Fitness Trail Starter

One of the Fitness Stations

After that lap, we did one more lap around the Lake of just Running (another 1.3 Miles) for a total of about 4.1 miles if my guesstimates are accurate. No Matter what we burned more calories than a Biscuit breakfast in front of the tube watching the Macy's Parade! It was an awesome way to share the Holiday with my Family in a positive and Healthy way and we still ate too much at dinner, but I know for me personally I ate a little less than in the past and I looked at things differently! On my final picture I want to pay tribute to the true Mastermind behind the First Annual Fallin Turkey Trot, my first and foremost weapon against obesity, my lovely wife Margaret. She came home Saturday from the BTWG breakfast round table (I missed because I was at church helping the Holy Name Society, the Church Men's Group, with Turkey Day deliveries to the needy) inspired to incorporate wellness into our traditions. From that, the Fallin Family Turkey Trot was born! I would not be where I am today in many facets of my life without her support!

Me (smelling Four Miles of Funky) and Margaret (the Love of My Life!)