Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First Post Christmas Run...Much Needed!

Well, it was far to long of a break, but I am back in the saddle with my first Post Christmas trail run!

The trail was beautiful, but the snow makes for SLOW going. My average road rate for jogging is 9:30 min/mile and my normal trail rate is 11:30-12:00 min/mile. Today it was a slow 13:53 min/mile. It makes it a little harder to get the full cardio workout, but with small steps and keeping your feet under you, it is more of a Cardio challenge than it sounds! It also brings a lot of focus, core and balance to the dance. For my fellow BTWG'ers with iPhones and similar devices, I highly recommend the iMap My Fitness App (screen shot below). It is a great way to track and monitor your progress. Also, if you run lots of different places it makes it much easier to know distance and pace!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

iPhone Blogger App

Well, as the name of my Blog suggests, I travel a lot! I am trying a new iPhone App for blog posting. I want to see how easy it is to use and how it looks on the Blog. So far so good on my side, how does it look on the Blog?

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Monday, December 27, 2010

BTWG Makes a Television Appearance

Check out the World's Best Trainer on Fox 59 this morning. I personally think the example student he showed is Extremely Good Looking! HE HE HE!

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Here We Go Again!

Well, even though Chris has taught me everything I need to know to Live a healthy life, I desperately need a refresher. My exercise routine has stayed pretty strong, the last few weeks have been a challenge with added responsibilities at work, but overall, that is NOT my biggest challenge, as always it is food and drink!

I struggle with Portion sizing and mindless eating more than anything, and the Project helps me focus on being accountable for every bite I eat. I also feel the project motivates me to see myself differently. It defines me as a fitness minded person with responsibility to
Myself, Chris and my fellow recruits. I am looking forward to the new challenges and wrinkles that Chris has thrown into the Project and I am excited to meet my fellow recruits, old friends and new!

Let's get this party started!