Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First Post Christmas Run...Much Needed!

Well, it was far to long of a break, but I am back in the saddle with my first Post Christmas trail run!

The trail was beautiful, but the snow makes for SLOW going. My average road rate for jogging is 9:30 min/mile and my normal trail rate is 11:30-12:00 min/mile. Today it was a slow 13:53 min/mile. It makes it a little harder to get the full cardio workout, but with small steps and keeping your feet under you, it is more of a Cardio challenge than it sounds! It also brings a lot of focus, core and balance to the dance. For my fellow BTWG'ers with iPhones and similar devices, I highly recommend the iMap My Fitness App (screen shot below). It is a great way to track and monitor your progress. Also, if you run lots of different places it makes it much easier to know distance and pace!

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Location:W 151st St,Carmel,United States


studentshawna said...

Way to go, Matt! Love that you are sharing apps with us too :).

Amber Cowley said...

I wrote you a response via my cell phone last night but don't see it now. :( Regardless, I downloaded that app in exchange for a different one I had. Thx.

Chris said...

Great post, Matt! As Shawna said, love that you share the apps - some things never change and some things we would never want to change : ) Now, I just gotta get me one of those darn iPhones once Verizon gets on board...


Kelly said...

Yeah, Matt!
Can't wait to see you!