Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Check Out Margaret and I's New Idea of Sunday Morning Fun!

As part of My New Lifestyle, I find myself doing things for "fun" that I would have never been doing 2 Months ago. This past Sunday Morning was one of those times. Margaret and I went on a Woodlands Adventure with my Trainer Chris. It took place at Eagle Creek Park, the second largest City park in the Country behind Central Park in New York. We started with and hour of trail running with strength training sections mixed in for an added challenge. We then caught our breath before we did an hour of Yoga at the Peace through Yoga center located in the heart of the Park. As a side note, the Peace Learning Center is a place in Eagle Creek were all 5th Graders at Indianapolis Public Schools go and learn about peaceful resolution and are surrounded by paintings of Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and many more. What a cool place! Below is a link to my Trainers site so that you can check out the pictures yourself. Enjoy!

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