Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga!

Well, the official BTWG Project start date is 8 days away and the official pre-project evaluation and check-in was yesterday. I definitely could tell that although I have done a pretty good job of keeping my running routine up, the lack of a good strength training and Yoga over the Holidays showed in my evaluations.

Yoga class with Chris at Cityoga started my day, and it was TOUGH! I told Chris that one class in about 8 weeks (due to the kids schedules, family travel and Christmas & New Years being on Saturdays) makes Matt a weak and inflexible boy! I think it even makes a huge difference in joint pain, muscle stiffness and the ability to do other activities like running pain free. I even think it makes a difference for me in my focus on managing my stress and therefore my diet. It is unbelievable how critical it is to my overall wellness!


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Sherri said...

Matt! So good to hear from you. It is amazing how quickly the body regresses, isn't it? But you and I both know that muscle memory kicks back in with just a little effort! In addition to doing Chris's Thursday night yoga class (sadly, I can't make his Tues. night or Sat. morning one), I am renewing my own yoga pledge to practice more often. I went Sunday to a 12:30 Ashtanga class and could not believe how much my heart and soul and body cried out for it the moment I started the first pose! A great reminder for me that some things aren't optional - for me, yoga is a must. Congrats on doing BTWG and I look forward to watching the next part of your journey unfold. -Sherri D.

Anonymous said...

Matt, You are spot on with this. This resonates with me and having a consistent yoga practice is something I am just going to make time does help tremendously with nutrition choices and an overall well-being.

looking forward to traveling the BTWG® journey with you again :)