Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bad for Work, Good for Wellness

Well, the Ice and Snow has stranded me in Indianapolis. I was trying to fly out last night, but my flight was cancelled and all outbound Atlanta flights are cancelled today. Ironically, the Toronto Raptors played the Pacers last night and were supposed to fly to Atlanta to play the Hawks tomorrow and they are stuck too!

The bad news is that I had some Very Important work to do in Atlanta and I am disappointed that I can not be there, the upside is it should be good for my wellness and weight loss! Here is to making the most of the situation, still not sure how I am going to get my run in tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry your traveling plans didn't work out. Glad your class is half full, though. Keep up the positive attitude. Ha! I didn't know what to do with the run either. Maybe run circles in the house?? Let me know if you have any ingenious ideas.

Rob Johansen said...

hey Matt!

Don't know about a run tomorrow! Any treadmill available? If not, maybe a home yoga class in a good substitute. Do you have any of Chris' classes on ipod or cd?

Stay safe! Not worth talking a spill out there trying to run! Hope to see you at Cityoga sometime!

Kelly said...

just glad you are safe and home, Matt!