Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Adventure Continues

Fellow Test Pilots,

As I prepare to board another plane today and head toward hotel fitness schedules and restaurant food, the bigger adventure starts now! My first attempt at Blogging! I feel young and cool, and old and awkward at the same time! Pushing our edges and No Excuses, Right! Is it just me, or is the Ab and Core the biggest step up of the Month? I have not had too much trouble making the other changes, but all of the lower ab stuff is KICKING my Tail!

Well I have to Rush off to catch my Plane, but I will post again soon!


Chris said...

Hey Matt,

Great job on creating a blog. If you can maintain a blog, anyone can. You are one busy dude. Just takes some planning, desire, and effort. Right? No Excuses!

Proud of you, as always.


Anonymous said...

Happy Travels! You seem to do a great job at sticking to the project while traveling! I commend you for that, it's quite a challenge!