Monday, January 17, 2011

Day One

Started the day a little sleep deprived! Stayed up a little late and had to get up at 5:00 AM to catch a flight! Over slept a little, but made my flight to Atlanta to work with a Customer.

Nutrition is going pretty well today, but I still need to find a nutritious low calorie Dinner. I did my first true Interval Run in a long time and I forgot how much it pushes your aerobic level! Of course, in addition to the interval training part I was in a residential area in Buckhead and it is not Indiana down here, they have Hills!

I also almost Tripped over a Christmas Tree! Someone had laid their tree out to be hauled off and I was trying to step around it. The street was narrow and SUV's (Land Rovers Actually, Nice Neighborhood!) were coming both ways and I was trying to stay close to the curb and I caught my toe on the top of the tree, NOT COOL.

Overall, day one was a success. I know from my last BTWG, that I will get my diet and exercise grooving, but it will take some time to get my routine down. I am a little nervous about the strength training, not because of the difficulty, but more about getting the flow moving. I am looking forward to the positive energetic person I was near the end of the last BTWG and beyond and I look forward to getting to the next level of Wellness on my journey!


Sherri said...

Christmas tree jumping - I didn't see that on the cardio exercise sheet! Surely, that counts for extra points! Congrats to you Matt on a great first day especially while on the road. Go get some sleep, dude!

Matt Fallin said...

All I want is for it to burn extra CALORIES!!!!

Judi said...

Hey Matt....great meeting you in person on Saturday.....Didn't think you'd be risking life and limb (Christmas tree limb that is!) in this program, did you? LOL Have a great week, hope to see you on Sat!