Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ahhhh, Yoga!

So, as the round two Project BTWG group nears the end of the first month and the recovery week starts, I thought we could all use some humor. One of the most enjoyable parts of my fitness journey, outside of the project and the immediate circle of Chris and my Fellow BTWG'ers, is the time Margaret and I have spent with my Aunt Sarah and Uncle Harold. From Yoga sessions & Fitness runs on Football tailgate weekends in Lexington, to being our running partners at the first ever Fallin Family Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day.
So, on the recommendation of Margaret and I and with a little nudge from Chris, Sarah has added Yoga to her very formidable workout routine. Her routine has always included a lot of running, a admitted Cardio Junkie, and the routine has started to result in some nagging pains! So, this January she started her first formal Yoga class as did her friend a very talented artist and Comic Strip Author, Kenn Minter. Below is his characters take on learning the various positions of Yoga! Did any of you new Yogi's feel that way at your first class with Chris? Enjoy and when you are done be sure to check out Kenn's website via the link below.